The idea of Pastel Street was born in December 2016, when we (Elisa and Javier) were travelling through Japan and talked about what we would like to do after our return to Chile. Both of us wanted to create something innovative and cool that would contribute to people’s happiness.

We realized that people usually feels happy when they belong to a community alligned with their ideas and style, and in Japan you can easily look that in fashion trends. Some of them, like Decora or Lolita stand out for their disruptive and avant-garde style that encourages people to show their own identity through their clothing. Sadly, most of the times those styles stay in Japan and do not internationalize to reach a global potential.

This feeling of belonging through clothing made us so much sense, that we decided to give it our own interpretation and to identify it with a name: “Pastel Street

Why Pastel?: During decades, the fashion industry has determined that colors are for people of an specific age and sex, so we want to break this paradigm that pastel colors are “for kids”. We consider that everyone has the right to wear any color they want, anywhere. The era in which colors have an specific age and sex is obsolete, and we want to do the first step to a new vision Pastel colors represent for us how our own authenticity overthrows what was imposed by society.

Why Street?: We want people to bring this authenticity feeling every day. With “Street”, we want to communicate that this idea is not something that must be stay isolated or excluded, but we want it to become something so natural that it would be common to see in the streets.

We don’t want to focus our vision in a particular region or trend, that’s why “Pastel Street” is written in English. We don’t want Pastel Street to become a trend, but a lifestyle permanent in time.

A universal style based on happiness, self-esteem and love.

Inspired in this thought, after our return to Chile the first Pastel Street garment we developed was called Pastel Madness, which we used for a University project and had its first photoshoot in June 2017.

That year, in October we officially launched Pastel Street through our Instagram and we postes our first designs. In November we had our second photoshoot: Oriental Breath

At that time, we were still students, so most of our designs had an academic purpose. It wasn’t until 2018 when we could design more casual clothing.

At the beginning of 2019, we graduated and could start to dedicate more of our time to Pastel Street! In March we launched our website and we started to do even more designs! We also opened Pastel Street to other countries and we started to ship our designs to countries like the USA and the UK.

In August 2019 we had our first international photoshoot in Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan! Closing the year and to celebrate our second aniverssary, we did a special photoshoot with some of our customers.

Today we are more motivated than ever and we want to continue working for a long time to contribute to people’s happiness through our clothing. In a world dominatd by mass production, explotation, fast fashion and impersonation, we want to bring love and meaning to the way we dress that characterizes and defines us.

Thank you so much for your support and for believing in this project!

A big hug!

Elisa and Javier

Pastel Street founders