Pastel Street’s boss. He loves sewing and does his best every day to make people happy through their clothing.

His dream is to make a mural with a million photos of smiling people wearing the clothes he has created!


Sweet Cicely & St. Robert

She loves sweets, singing and pastel colors. She is always seen with St. Robert. It is not clear if he is a friend, servant or family member, but it is certain that their bond is unbreakable!



Fond of travels and the different experiences available in different parts of the world. His favorite destination has been Japan. Despite his experience as a tourist, he is often clumsy and innocent, often falling into culture clashes.



Passionate about the knowledge and discovery of space. He is very intelligent and has created incredible technologies to discover and travel through the galaxy. He always tells Pastel about his discoveries, which usually are inspiration to make garments based on astronomical elements.


Mr. Moonlight

A misterious and excentric gentleman that lives alone in a giant mansion. He dislikes being close to crowds of people, so when it is crowded, he flies away using his parasol.

Also, he does not like looking himself in the mirror and he prefers the night to the day, so it is rumoured to be some kind of vampire.