Create a piece of art that captures Pastel Street style! 3 winners will be chosen and will get a Tote Bag with their own illustration with free shipping included + a $10 USD Gift Card!

How to participate?

  • Create your illustration and upload it to your Instagram account (it must be a public profile) and tag our account @pastelstreet (in the image and in the description!) with a short description and title of your illustration.
  • Your illustration must be done digitally in a CMYK color profile. Due to the characteristics of the award, traditional drawing illustrations are not allowed.
  • In case your illustration is selected as the winner, you will be asked to send it later in .png or .jpg format, with dimensions of at least 2657 x 2362 pixels, or 45 x 40 cm in 150 dpi (horizontal).
  • Submission deadline: September 10, 2021, 23:59 hrs (GMT -3). The results will be announced in our Social Networks on September 12.


  • Your illustration must include at least one of Pastel Street’s neighbors, and include at least one of Pastel Street’s clothing designs.
  • The illustration should be intended to faithfully represent the essence of Pastel Street, be cheerful and convey positive energy.
  • Maximum one entry / illustration per person.
  • Please avoid texts in Japanese, Korean or Chinese as much as possible (to avoid grammar mistakes and confusion).
  • Illustrations that include any character or explicit references to a property of third parties in the illustration (for example, characters from some other brand, film, series, characters of their own authorship, among others) will not be accepted. Please avoid including your own original characters as well.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Loyalty to Pastel Street (40%): Illustration must be true to the aesthetics and values ​​of Pastel Street.
  • Artistic quality (40%): The illustration must be visually attractive and neat.
  • Harmony of the color palette (20%): The colors used must combine harmoniously.

Thank you for participating and good luck! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Past winners (Art Contest 2020):

“Welcome to our Street” by c00ckie_202

“Chill Out!” by kyo_smash

“Pastel in Spookyland” by duhvet