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Let your creativity fly and win a real hoodie with your own design with free worldwide shipping + a cash prize of 100 USD!

Prizes (1 winner):

  • 1 custom hoodie with the winner’s design + Free Worldwide Shipping.
  • 1 diploma
  • 1 sticker set
  • $100 USD (transferred via PayPal)
  • Submission deadline: August 28, 2021
  • Results: September 4, 2021

How to participate?

  • Download the hoodie design template. Entries that do not use the template will not be considered.
  • Open the template with your favorite design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) and make your design. CMYK color profile.
  • On the template, write the name of your design and your nickname (you can write your social media accounts if you want), and some explanatory notes if necessary.
  • Save and upload your design on .jpg or .png format on this link (it requires a Google account). Entries uploaded in any format other than .jpg or .png will not be admitted. You can attach additional files in case you want to highlight details that cannot be seen in the template (for example: sides, zooms, seams, etc)
  • Please keep your design’s original and modifiable files, because they will be requested in case you become the winner.
  • Participating designs will be uploaded to Pastel Street’s Social Media accounts. We want to support your work!

Submission guidelines:

  • Your own original creation: Your designs must be created only by you and must not have been used for any another contest or real product before. Submitted designs must not infringe copyright of third parties. Designs that include content based on TV Series, movies, videogames, and others will not be accepted. Using Pastel Street’s characters is allowed.
  • English first: If you are using text in your design, please prioritize English. If you use other language than English, please be 100% sure that everything is well written. Any mispelling in the design will impact the points, so please do not enter text unless you are 100% sure it is written correctly!
  • Max. 2 designs per person: Each person can submit a maximum of 2 designs. (so choose carefully your best ones!)
  • Paper is ok: It is allowed to make your design by drawing on paper if you want, but consider that you will need to print, scan and upload the template in the requested format.
  • Free style: You can use any style and resources you want, such as texts, drawings, figures, pictures, etc. You can also make some modifications to the template, such as changing the shape of the pockets, and adding special details to the hood and sleeves, etc.
  • Possible to be made: If you use special materials/fabrics, please make sure that they actually exist! Even when we would love to make a weather-sensitive color changing hoodie, it is impossible if such materials do not exist yet!
  • Safe for everyone: Your designs must be suitable for all audiences. Designs that include violence, sexual content, crude humor or strong language will not be admitted.

Contest rules:

  • Those submitting to the contest (contestants) must read and agree the rules. By making a submission to the contest, you agree the rules presented below.
  • Anyone can enter (participants under 18 years old must have parents’ or legal guardians’ permissions).
  • Submissions can be made by a team of people, but a single representative must be chosen as recipient of any prizes.
  • The winning design will be used by Pastel Street to create real products with the design. The product will be shared on Social Media and sold through Pastel Street’s website. The copyrights and adjacent rights of the winning submission will, upon selection, be transferred to Pastel Street. Pastel Street will always recognize the name or nickname of the original author of the design and link his/her official accounts if desired.
  • The winning design may get small modifications by Pastel Street upon selection.
  • This contest and its rules may be changed or canceled without prior notice to its participants. Pastel Street reserves the right to increse the number of winners if desired.

What will be evaluated?

  • Creativity (33%): Your design must be surprising and creative. Do not limit yourself with a design focused on the front! It will be appreciated if your design shines in many parts of the hoodie, such as the hood, the back and sleeves in an innovative and creative way!
  • True to Pastel Street’s values (33%): Your design must fit with Pastel Street, reflecting happiness and energy by using pastel and vibrant colors. Our mission is to make people happy by wearing our designs!
  • Aesthetics (33%): Colors and elements have to look good. Your design has to be visually appealing!

Previous winner (2020): Boba Rainbow Frog by Wenkimoo (Argentina)

We can’t wait to see your designs! Good luck! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚