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Contest Closed – Thank you for participating!

We invite you to participate in this super international contest! Put your creativity to the test and design a unique hoodie that reflects Pastel Street’s spirit, and win a real hoodie with your design with free shipping worldwide!

  • Application deadline: June 7, 2020
  • Publication of results: June 14, 2020

Prizes (1 winner):

  • 1 zipped hoodie with the winner’s design. Includes Free Worldwide Shipping. (Ref. value: 57 USD)
  • 1 diploma
  • 1 sticker set
  • Sales commission of the design on Pastel Street’s website.

How to participate?

  • Download the design template, in .ai (this link) or .jpg (this link) formats.
  • Open the template with your favorite design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) and create your design.
  • You can use any style and resources you want, such as texts, drawings, figures, pictures, etc., but keep on mind that it must not infringe copyright of other person or organization. Fanarts based on TV Series, movies, videogames, and others are not admitted.
  • On the template, write the name of your design and your nickname (you can write your social media accounts if you want), and some notes if necessary.
  • Save and upload your design on .png or .jpg format on this link (it requires a Google account). You can attach additional files in case you want to remark details that cannot be seen in the template (for example: sides, zooms, seams, etc)
  • Save your design’s original files, because they will be requested in case you become the winner.
  • You can do your design in traditional drawing on paper, but consider that you will need to print, scan and upload the template in the requested format.
  • Your design must be created only for you and must not have been used for other garments before.
  • Approved designs will be uploaded to Paste Street’s Social Media accounts. We want to support your work!
  • You can participate with many designs as you want!

What will be evaluated?

  • Creativity: Your design must be surprising and creative. Do not limit yourself with a design focused on the front! It will be appreciated if your design is present in many parts of the hoodie, such as the hood, the back and sleeves in an innovative and creative way.
  • Alligned with Pastel Street’s proposition: It will be appreciated if your design can be related to Pastel Street, reflecting happiness and energy by using pastel colors. Our mission is to make people happy by wearing our designs!
  • Aesthetics: Colors and elements have to look good. Your design has to be visually appealing!

Previous winners:

Aesthetic Pastel Bunnies Hoodie (by Hiitzlulu, Spain)

Outer Space Hoodie (by Laykaid, Chile)


  • Pastel Street reserves the right to use the winning designs to develop and publish real products through its Social Media and Websites, always highlighting and recognizing the name or nickname of the original author of the design.
  • Pastel Street reserves the right to cancel the contest or decrease the number of winners in case the quality of the participating designs does not meet the minimum requirements.

Feel free to contact us on our Facebook and Instagram if you have any questions!

Good luck!